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Special luggage will be used during the Great Motorcycle Trip. We will need extra carrying capacity for our camping equipment as well as first aid kit, rain gear, and other accessories for a month long trip. We have searched the internet and chosen the motorcycle luggage described here. Steve is using the Vagabond Bag and two bag add-ons offered by Mag's Bags along with the saddle bages he originally put on his motorycle. Pictures and specifications for the luggage are provided below.

Vagabond Bag

Modular Pouch

Water Bottle Holder
The Vagabond Bag is a large capacity bag made to ride on flat surfaces. The top is made with a full zipper around the sides and back for easy access. Featuring a zig-zag shock cord system for quick and secure stowing of more gear. Includes attachments on both sides of the rider for modular bags. A detachable shoulder strap makes the Vagabond a versatile travel bag.

Size: 12"H x 12"W x 29"L
Capacity: 68 Liters (4,176 cu. in.)
Designed to clip on to the Vagabond bag. The pouch adds an extra pocket for small items such as glasses, camera, binoculars, snacks, etc.

Size: 7"W x 8"H x 1½"D
This add-on is also designed to clip on the the Vagabond bag. The water bottle holder is designed to hold a 1 liter bottle of water.

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