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Hello, I am Splat Dog. I received my nickname because I go splat on the floor when I am watching over my family and friends. I will be your guide through this web site. Just click on my icon any time you need to return to this page.

Steve's Corner
Events for 2012
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Events for 2009
2005 Ocean-to-Ocean and Back Motorcycle Trip
Running the AIDS Marathon 2005
Running the AIDS Marathon 2004
Running the AIDS Marathon 2003
Running the AIDS Marathon 2002
Running the AIDS Marathon 2001
Splat Dog's Corner
Meet Splat Dog, his sidekick Cactus Bob and friend Luna
Santa's Corner
Santa's Activities
Santa's Photo Gallery
Bald Santa Event 2011
Norht Pole Endurence Team
Disney World Princess Half Marathon
Merle & Palla's Corner
Trip Photographs
Taz and Ellie's Corner
Meet Taz and Ellie our Grand Puppies
Susan's Corner
Memory Patch Quilt Repair

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