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Bold Bald Santa - Solidarity with Chemotherapy
This event was completed in 2011
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North Pole Endurence Team
Santa Intro.
The North Pole Endurence Team and Santa proudly present the Bold Bald Santa - Solidarity with Chemotherapy fundraising event. This event benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer research and outreach, and the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation.

The Challenge:
Raise $10,000 and I (Santa) will shave my head in solidarity with all of the people that have to go through chemotherapy. To keep this event interesting and fun, the transformation to Bold Bald Santa will be in stages. First I will gradually change my hair color from red (my natural color) to green. As the donations increase, I will change my hair color to pink, then a Mohawk hair cut, and finally bald.

The Story Behind the Event:
I am already very committed to fundraising for breast cancer research. Our family has been touched by breast cancer several times. My mother-in-law was a breast cancer survivor, after undergoing the radical surgical treatment used in her day. My oldest son's mother-in-law died at age 46 after long battles with recurrent breast cancer. When our son and her daughter married, we felt lucky to know this amazing lady. Later testing revealed that our daughter-in-law was BRCA positive and at extremely high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. After much research and consultation, they elected prophylactic surgery, which eliminated the possibility of biologic children. As parents, it is terribly hard to see your young ones wrestle with such hard choices.

Recently, I learned that my 82 year old aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. At a 3-Day Get Started Meeting, I heard of a 12 year old girl with breast cancer. These two occurrences made the statement "breast cancer knows no bounds" very real and have inspired me to try even harder to raise money for breast cancer research.

Most of us have friends who are breast cancer survivors or have died from the disease. Less than a year ago, a friend and coworker of mine went home to learn that his wife had an advanced stage of an aggressive breast cancer. There was no warning, no prior indication. He and his wife are active and fit people who run marathons and other events. In addition, they have four young children. Mom had to be treated immediately. Treatment included chemotherapy and she did lose all of her hair. To show solidarity with his wife, and to help the children cope with the changes, my friend shaved his head and made it a symbol of strength and hope. This is what led me to the "Bald Santa" idea.

How Donations Qualify for Bald Santa:
The North Pole Endurance Team has registered for two Susan G. Komen events: The Global Race for the Cure and The 3-Day for the Cure. Any donation to any member of The North Pole Endurance Team for either event will be counted for the bald Santa event. Click on the "" link to see all of the team members and their donation pages. The team fundraising pages are:

The 3-Day for the Cure, http://www.the3day.org/goto/North.Pole
The American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation,
To mail in donations, you may send a check made out to one of the following causes:
"Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure," or "The American Cancer Society"
"Team Member's Name"
The North Pole Endurance Team
Post Office Box 745
Olney, MD 20832-0745

Transformation Details:
Start: For the first $2,000, no change just my normal hair color of red. This will be the time to have Santa photo opportunities in the "Before" look. Click on the Meet Santa link to find the dates and places for Santa photographs.

Stage 1: For $2,001 to $5,000, gradually transform my hair color to green. During this time, I will offer photo opportunities with "Green Santa."

Stage 2: For $5,001 to $8,000, gradually transform my hair color from green to pink since pink is the theme color for Breast Cancer solidarity. During this time, I will offer photo opportunities with "Pink Santa."

Stage 3: For $8,001 to $9,000, transform to a Mohawk haircut (a pink Mohawk). During this time, I will offer photo opportunities with "Pink Mohawk Santa."

Stage 4: For $9,001 to $10,000, transform the Mohawk haircut to bald and I will maintain bald Santa for a month. During this time, I will offer photo opportunities with "Bald Santa."

Stage 5: For every $1,000 above $10,000, I will continue bald Santa for a month up to September 30, 2011. Starting in October, I have to start growing my hair back for the Christmas season.

Goal = $10,000

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