Spat Dog is Hickory, our Chocolate Labrador Retriever. When he is wacthing over us or is waiting by the dinner table for a morsel to be dropped on the floor, he oozes down on the floor and goes splat. I guess he likes to hug the floor. Although he looks like he is down for the count, Hickory is ready to spring into action at the slightest provocation. When food hits the floor, you don't have a chance. He strikes like a cobra and the food is gone. Cactus Bob, Hickory's trusty sidekick, also insures that Splat Dog is ready to move at a moment's notice. There is no telling when the fierce jungle animal will attack or run you over.
One of Splat Dog's other friends is Luna. Luna is a Russian Blue kitten and she lives with my son Blake and his wife Barbie.

The following thumbnail pictures give you some of the typical poses our three buddies get into every day. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized picture.
Hickory's Gallery

You Rang?

Help Taz!


Splat again!

Bad dog!

More splat.

Good dog

Feed me

Sweet dreams.

Watch out.

I'm tired.



Pet me!

My squirrel
Cactus Bob's Gallery


Look out!

Me, move?

Great fire!


My Deck

More Deck

Deck heaven
Luna's Gallery


Lick, lick

You too?

Cat tree

I win
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