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We will be carrying several types of equipment with us on the trip: camping equipment, tools, firstaid equipment, and rain gear. The specifics for each type of equipment are listed below

Backpacking Tent

Sleeping Bag

The following table lists the equipment that we will be taking with us. We have not listed many items that would be necessary if we were cooking on this trip.
Camping Equipment Tools Riding Gear Cloths Running Gear Toiletries
Tent Motorcycle Tool Kit Rain Suite Socks Running Shoes Tooth Brush & Paste
Tarp Tire Pressure Gage Gloves Underpants Running Shorts TP
Sleeping Bag Tire Inflator Jacket Boots Running Singlet Mustache Wax
Sleeping Pad Leatherman Tool Helmet Shirts Watches Contact Cleaner
Pillow 27 mm Socket Water Bottle Shirt Jacket GPS Spare Contact Lenses
Water Carrier 1/2-drive ratchet Ear Plugs Jeans Cap Brush
Match Case 8mm Wrench Maps   Body Glide Bath Towel
Matches Chain Lube Bungee Cords   Batteries Hand Towel
Lighter   Bungee Cargo Net     Bar Soap
Liquid Soap   Motorcycle Lock      
Paper Towels   Duct Tape      
Can/Bottle Opener   Fuel Bottle      
Trash Bags   Insurance Information      
Large Zip Lock Bags   Padlock & Cable      
Flash Light   Gel Seat      
Dry Bags   Kick Stand Plate      
Day Pack   Vehicle Registration      
First Aid Kit          
Insect Repellent          
Additional Equipment Food        
Cell Phone Peanut Butter        
Camera & Cable Crackers        
Camera Batteries Candy Bars        
Battery Charger Energy Bars        
Writing Materials Tea        
Power Take-Off          

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