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Thousands of "Soldier Quilts," each carefully stitched with love and gratitude, have been sent to the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital and 70 other U.S. military medical centers. Quilts are part of the fabric of life at Walter Reed, helping to humanize the 308 government-issue beds, overlit hallways and hushed visitors lounges. Many of the wounded who come in daily for outpatient treatment have quilts folded under their legs or tucked around their bodies.

Chaplain Kallerson conducts his wartime ministry from a cart. He loads it up and wheels it down Walter Reed's halls. If men are skeptical about receiving a quilt, he approaches their wives or mothers. Many soldiers ask if the quilt is free. Many times, they are shocked that someone has gone to the trouble of making this for them.

There are many programs who's mission is to provide every wounded soldier with a quilt to keep them warm and to show them how much we appreciate their dedication to our country. They are always in need of more quilts. Most of the quilts have a patriotic theme and are shipped with a personal message that lets the soldier know that the quilts came from a community that truly does care. Susan and I would love to send out several quilts. You can participate in this effort by donating to "Champion the City Choir of Washington." For every $500 donated, Susan will make a quilt for our wounded soldiers. If you would like to sponsor a quilt in your name, make a $200 donation and e-mail me a note to let Susan and I know that you are sponsoring a quilt. Send donations made out to "The City Choir of Washington" to:
Champion the City Choir of Washington
C/O Stephen Schreurs
Post Office Box 745
Olney, MD 20832-0745

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